[mrtg] mrtg-ntap-probe release 0.5.0 - A-SIS disk space savings report added

Peter W. Osel pwo at qimonda.com
Fri May 30 15:51:05 CEST 2008

Hi *

I have released version 0.5.0 of mrtg-ntap-probe.  mrtg-ntap-probe
retrieves the disk and file (inode) utilization by volume or quota tree
name, so you do not need to find the right OID, which might change over
time as you add and/or remove volumes and quota trees. You can also
retrieve the disk space saved by A-SIS deduplication by volume name.

Your Network Appliance filer needs to run Data Ontap 7.2 or better,
the Network Appliance NetCache needs to run NetCache 5.6 or better.

As always, the latest version of mrtg-ntap-probe is available at
	http://pwo.de/projects/mrtg/ or

Major changes between the new version 0.5.0 (2008-05-29) and the
previous version 0.4.0 (2002-06-09):

	* Added reporting of A-SIS deduplication space savings, new
	report vol-ds (volume disk space saved)

	* Adapted for Data ONTAP 7 (version 7.2.4P5 was used for testing):

		- qtree information now extracted from qrV2Table
		(qrVTable is deprecated)

		- default volume name changed to /vol/vol0/
		(trailing slash added, recent Data ONTAP versions list
		a trailing slash for all volume names.)

	* Tested with version 5.8.4 of perl (Solaris 10 native
	/usr/bin/perl), version 7.2.4P5 of Data ONTAP, and version
	5.6.2R2 of NetCache.

	* Now requiring at least version 1.05 of BER.pm and version
	1.12 of SNMP_Session.pm, both are included in mrtg version
	2.16.2.  (earlier version of these modules might also work,

	* Now requiring at least version 5.8.0 of perl (earlier version
	of perl might also work, untested).

	* perl needs to be compiled specifically to include support for
	64-bit numbers when using the quota tree report qtree-df.

BTW, if you have access to Network Appliances' software library on
now.netapp.com, you should check out their mrtg-filer and mrtg-netcache

Share & Enjoy!


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