[mrtg] bytes v/s bits

Georges Touma georges.touma at navlink.com
Sat Nov 1 14:16:00 CET 2008

Hello Steve, All,

Thank you very much for all you help and replies.
I checked the perl script we are using to graph the rrddb. It actually uses the "rrdtool graph" function. Any idea why the multiplication is not taking place eventhough the bits option is set in mrtg.cfg file?
Below is the output in question:

system("/data/rrdtool-1.2.19/bin/rrdtool graph graph$counter.png --start $date --end s+$graphperiod --x-grid HOUR:1:HOUR:6:HOUR:$labelperiod:0:%H:%M DEF:ds1=$target:ds1:AVERAGE:step=300 LINE:ds1#0000dd:/Output DEF:ds0=$target:ds0:AVERAGE:step=300 LINE:ds0#ff00dd:/Input");

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> 1-Is it confirmed that MRTG dumps the numbers in bytes in the RRDDB?

Yes.  MRTG stores the data in the RRD as retrieved from the Target definition, ignoring anything like Factor[], or the bits/perminute/perhour options.

> 2-If so, should the front-end (in my case the graphing script) do the
> multiplication?

The frontend should take note of the Factor[] and bits/perminute/perhour options, and do the necessary multiplication.

> 3-If not and MRTG can store the data in the RRDDB in bits, what more can I
> test/change in my cfg file?

If you want MRTG to store the data in bits, then add ' * 8 ' to the end of the Target definition (spaces matter).  Of course you will then need to make sure that the labels and so on in the graph are set correctly, and remove the 'bits' option as it is no longer required.


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