[mrtg] Gigabit Interfaces, SNMP v2, and MaxBytes

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Sat Nov 15 00:45:26 CET 2008

After scouring the list archives for the past day or two, I haven't found a
definitive answer so I'm posting another query that the list veterans are
probably tired of hearing about.

I'm monitoring gigabit interfaces using 2.16.2 on Windows 2000 w/o RRDTool
and have already been through the ringer of discovering that I shouldn't be
using v1 32-bit counters and recently switched over to using v2 64-bit

The problem I immediately ran into was my graphs continued to be drawn out
of whack.  The scale started reporting speeds in GB/s and I suspected
perhaps MaxBytes needed an adjustment but haven't read any other messages
suggesting it should be adjusted beyond the 125MBytes/second that cfgmaker
uses by default.  I'm also suspecting that perhaps rateup isn't able to
handle graphing the values calculated based on 64-bit counter values.

So, I'm working around the problem by dividing the result I get from my
target by 100,000, leaving MaxBytes as 125000000, and my graphs look a
little bit more sane.

Am I running into the problem solved by using a 64-bit version of rateup?
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