[mrtg] scaling graph in range 0-1

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Sat Nov 15 19:13:44 CET 2008

Routers2 is one of the available frontends for MRTG when run with the RRDTool backend (the others are mrtg-rrd and 14all).  You do not need to use it, however you will get significantly better performance by using RRDtool as the backend (instead of native-mode MRTG) and this requires you to use one of the frontends to generate the graphs on demand.  Routers2 also add a host of useful new features to MRTG, suce as the 'rigid' option to fix the y-axis range.


From: Jakub M [burakozol at gmail.com]

no, I dont user routers2 frontend :(, dont know what is that actually.
can I manage without it?

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