[mrtg] Represent a fixed line

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Nov 19 22:20:21 CET 2008

> > I need represent a fixed line in a grafic of MRTG. For example, I have
> > to show in a picture a CIR line and EIR line of my link.
> Normally you just set maxbytes to CIR, and absmax to PIR.  That draws
> two maxima lines.
> But there are a couple of additional hacks in routers2.cgi for a third
> line.  I just don't remember them now.

routers.cgi*HRule[targetname]: value "description"


routers.cgi*HRule[mytarget]: 1024000 "Normal usage limit"

You can use the HRule directive any number of times to create multiple
additional horizontal lines (in addition to the MaxBytes, AbsMax,
Thres{min|max}{i|o} horizontal lines).  For multiple data lines, use
userdefined graphs merging multiple Targets into a single graph.

People who look through the routers2 code will find a parser definition for
routers.cgi*Line with embedded RPN - this is experimental only and not
activated yet, so don't use it.

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