[mrtg] Bug? </TD></TR> without a space at the beginning

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Nov 19 22:29:14 CET 2008

> When I tried to run some cfg file generated by cfgmaker, I got:
> ERROR: Line 63 (</TD></TR>) in CFG file
> (/home/user/Scripts/robot/cfg/
> ing.cfg)
>  does not make sense
> and here is a part of cfg file:
> </TD></TR>    <====== HERE IS THE LINE 63
> I have noticed that when I add a space before this line manually, all
> runs OK. So either I screw the cfgmaker and the file (how?) or it is a
> small bug of cfgmaker or... any third option?

This is an error in the cfgmaker file, as you say.

Did you use any templates to generate this file?  I suspect you have an
error in the template where the embedded line does not have the whitespace
prefix required.  This sometimes can happen if you copy a template from a
web page where it has not been embedded in PRE tags to preserve whitespace
(hopefully it didn't come from my library).

Check your templates for this sort of line, possibly in a 'print <<END;'
type statement.

Another, less likely cause is that Description being given by your device is
carriage-return terminated but the template (or cfgmaker) does not take
account of this, expecting the end tag to remain on the same line.  If this
is the case then check your version of cfgmaker and upgrade if possible.

If not possible, I can give you an interface template which will suppress
this (it would take a bit of work though and Im too busy to work it out this

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