[mrtg] MRTG and blank cpu graphs...........please help

nangineni praneeth nv_2030 at yahoo.com
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Thanks a lot for your help...I sorted it out actually based on a suggestion given by one of the members in the forum....The reason being the load on the router wasnt much..It was like 0.4% which MRTG was rounding of to zero....So i actually managed to load the router and could see the results.....Its also that we need to wait for three successive polls before we can see the results

However i have got a small question.As we know that MRTG needs two variables to graph the data but the cisco 2811 series router which i am using has only one cpu....So i used the same OID for representing both the variables which is like

But i didnt use the switch options[xxxx]:noo to hide the second variable and MRTG was giving two graphs........How is this possible the router has only cpu and i should be seeing only one graph that is the blue one but suprisingly MRTG is drawing the green graph as well.What data could this green graph represent......Is it just graphing some random data or what??


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and two more things:
1) in my case, snmpwalk command for cpu is:
snmpwalk -v2c -c public 192.168.xxx.xxx

and cfg line is:
Target[192.168.xxx.xxx-cpu]: at 192.168.xxx.xxx

2) I have noticed two lines in your config:

MaxBytes[graham]: 100000000000
Unscaled[graham]: d

Doesn't it mean, that your maximum on the graph is 10000000000 , and
CPU rate is given in % so the max is 100? Try changing it to 100

Tell if it works!

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