[mrtg] MRTG bandwidth error

Sean Cheesman scheesman at caeveo.com
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193kbytes = 1536kbps (x8)
70.2kbps / 1536kbps = .0045
.0045 = 4.5%
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Hello everyone i have found MRTG reporting a small error on my bandwidth.......I configured a small campus enterprise network with collapsed core design(in a lab environment).........I used a frame relay connection to connect to my branch office..I have specified the clock rate to be 64kbps.....But when i was collecting the interface traffic from my enterprise edge MRTG was reporting the max traffic below the graph to be 70.2 kbps....How is it possible?Because the serial link was supposed to be at 64kbps(the clock rate which i gave)......This was the outbound traffic  MRTG reported.........

Out     70.2 kb/s (4.5%)        37.8 kb/s (2.4%)        63.0 kb/s (4.1%)

The max speed MRTG gave of the interface was 193.0kbytes.Also kindly please explain what the percentage represents...I have been pulling my hair and doing all sorts of calculation to find out what the percentages exactly means and what is it exactly representing


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