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Sat Nov 29 15:34:04 CET 2008

I'm running mrtg-2.1 on 64 bit FC8 with perl 5.8.8. I'm trying to monitor
traffic in and out of some Netgear "smart" switches (GS-something series.)
It seems to work, but mrtg truncates the values. I can run the following
command, for example, against the switches :

snmpget -v 2c -Cf -c Public SW208 ipInReceives.0 ipInDelivers.0

And the result is:
IP-MIB::ipInReceives.0 = Counter32: 914958
IP-MIB::ipInDelivers.0 = Counter32: 914958

MRTG tops out around 7320 kb/s and stays there for all the switches, no
matter what they return. Some are only reporting around 60000 (those mibs
report packets?), but mrtg still reports about 7300 kb/s. The numbers are
static, and the graphs are flat at the top.

A sample config is below (mrtg runs in crontab). I've experimented will all
the options I could find, including raising MaxBytes to ridiculously high
numbers. Nothing seems to affect this. To check the snmp args, I also put
snmpget in a script and had mrtg call that, with the exact same result.

I hope it's something dumb I've overlooked, and any help would be greatly

Target[SW208.switch_traffic]: ipInReceives.0&ipInDelivers.0:public at SW208
title[SW208.switch_traffic]: TCP Traffic
MaxBytes[SW208.switch_traffic]: 125000000
PageTop[SW208.switch_traffic]: <h1>SW208</h1>
YLegend[SW208.switch_traffic]: TCP IN/OUT
Legend2[SW208.switch_traffic]: TCP OUT
LegendI[SW208.switch_traffic]: TCP IN
LegendO[SW208.switch_traffic]: TCP OUT
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