[mrtg] Can Mrtg cause a Router to crash because of the snmp querys?

Jack Bauguer jbauguer at yahoo.es
Thu Oct 9 15:31:31 CEST 2008


Im trying to build a traffic analyzer based on Mrtg here for my company, (10 big routers 80 switches 80 servers Cisco/Nortel).
There was an argument about creating this Mrtg-Server, some people claim it would be suicidal, because many of the routers and switches operates with heavy traffic and cpu load (about 75-85%) and querying these elements every 5 minutes would collapse the network.
Can somebody give me some feedback on this, I personally dont believe that querying through snmp every 5 minutes can cause such damage on the network, even if they are on high capacity, i think maybe it could cause a small delay on the query but nothing else, right?. I have allready worked in a smaller enviourment and had no problems, but I need some technical arguments to convince these guys, 
any ideas?
regards. JB

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