[mrtg] bytes v/s bits

Georges Touma georges.touma at navlink.com
Mon Oct 27 14:42:20 CET 2008

Hello List,


We are facing an issue with MRTG where the Bandwidth utilization on the
polled equipment is showing in bits instead of bytes.


Below is the header of mrtg.cfg file  (Options[_]:bits is set):


EnableIPv6: no

WorkDir: /rddbs/

Options[_]: bits,growright

RunAsDaemon: Yes

LogFormat: rrdtool

PathAdd: /data/rrdtool-1.2.19/bin

LibAdd: /data/rrdtool-1.2.19/lib/perl

Forks: 4




I tried to set the option under the monitored interfaces themselves but this
did not help.


##### Customer: tools

## x.x.x.x - Interface 3


Target[mytools_my-router-1_3.interfacegigabitethernet0-0]: 3:public@ x.x.x.x

MaxBytes[mytools_my-router-1_3.interfacegigabitethernet0-0]: 12500000

Title[mytools_my-router-1_3.interfacegigabitethernet0-0]: Traffic Analysis
for mytools x.x.x.x 3

Options[_]: bits,growright



I also found a post where setting the 64 bit counters helped but it did not
work for me even though my equipment supports 64 bit counters.


Target[mytools_my-router-1_3.interfacegigabitethernet0-0]: 3:public@



Any ideas/suggestions are highly appreciated.


Best regards,

Georges Touma 
System and Network Specialist
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