[mrtg] bytes v/s bits

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Mon Oct 27 22:41:19 CET 2008

It is displaying in bits because that's what you're asking for.  You have set a default option set of 'growright', 'bits'.  So, all your targets will get this option set unless you explicitly set an alternative set on a per-target basis.

However, if you don't specify bits at all, then there are different defaults depending on your configuration.

* If you are using native MRTG then the default is in bytes.
* If you are using Routers2, then the default is in bytes UNLESS the target in question is a network interface, in which case the default is in bits.  This exception can be changed by using the option 'bytes=yes' in the routers2.conf, or overridden on a per-target basis by the extended option 'bytes'.


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We are facing an issue with MRTG where the Bandwidth utilization on the polled equipment is showing in bits instead of bytes.

Below is the header of mrtg.cfg file  (Options[_]:bits is set):
EnableIPv6: no
WorkDir: /rddbs/
Options[_]: bits,growright

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