[mrtg] 회신: MRTG error

David Kim knight at ktamerica.com
Tue Oct 28 17:45:51 CET 2008

I have 8 port T1 PRI and When I run snmpget command , I got result with no problem.
Currently I have monitoring Whole active DS0 on the chassis and individual DS1 with no problem.


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On Tue, 2008-10-28 at 08:58 -0700, David Kim wrote:
> Hi
> I’d like to monitor active DS0 , but I got below error message.
> Could you let me know what’s wrong?

you don't have a DS1 with an ifIndex of 4?

Or the version of IOS you are running doesn't support the CISCO-POP_MGMT-MIB

Daniel J McDonald, CCIE #2495, CISSP #78281, CNX Austin Energy http://www.austinenergy.com

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