[mrtg] about mail send to the monitoring team

Sachindra karki sachindra at websurfer.com.np
Fri Sep 19 15:58:41 CEST 2008

hello ,

After doing like below  i am able to get mail alter

WorkDir: /home/httpd/html/
ThreshDir: /home/httpd/html/thresh
ThreshMailSender: test at example.com
ThreshMailAddress[_]: hello at example.com

The mail is look like this
subjet:[MRTG-TH] BROKEN thresh max o ( 0 vs 115145 )

Threshold BROKEN

Traffic Analysis for 1 -- switch-sw1

      Type: thresh
Direction: o
     Bound: max
Threshold: 0
   Current: 115145

System: switch-sw1 in
Description: DELL LINK
ifType: ethernetCsmacd (6)
ifName: FastEthernet0/1
Max Speed: 100.0 Mbits/s

Is it possible to change the content of subject ?
  if  possible I want to subject content like this

subjet:switch-sw1 DELL Link max o ( 0 vs 115145 )

Thank you for your help.

Steve Shipway wrote:
>> I have created the mrtg.I want to send mail to the monitoring team  when
>> the current in and out is 0b/s in graph.Is it possible or not if yes how
>> i can i do it.
> Use the latest version of MRTG (2.16 or later).
> Read up about Thresholds in the online MRTG manual.
> Configure to send emails on threshold breaking.
> Set ThreshMinI[_]:0 and ThreshMinO[_]:0
> Set the other required thresholding parameters.
> Wait for the emails to roll in.
> Steve

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