[mrtg] Send mail with threshold configuration

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Aug 6 23:45:14 CEST 2009

Your ThreshMailServer can be any server remote or otherwise that can be reached from your MRTG server.

If you are getting this error, possibly your MRTG is too old a version to support this?  I think you need version 2.16.x to support this directive.


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But, Could be my SMTP server a remote server ? I have route to get my remote mail server, but when cfg file run I have this error:
2009-08-06 13:25:01 -- ERROR: CFG Error Unknown Option "threshmailserver" on line 18 or above.
           Check doc/reference.txt for Help


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When the threshold is broken, MRTG will contact the SMTP server directly and inject the email at that point.  The format of the email is predefined.

Your ThreshMailServer definition is wrong; it should be an IP address or a hostname


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How mrtg send mail when threshold condition is broken.
Does mrtg send mail itself ??

My threshold configuration is:
ThreshDir: /var/mrtg/thresh
ThreshMailServer: ip-add server remote
ThreshMailSender: ejemplo at mail.cu

ThreshMailAddress[router]: ejemplo at mail.cu
ThreshMinI (router): 222222

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