[mrtg] Mrtg graph of maipu

Gaurav Ghimire gaurav at subisu.net.np
Thu Dec 3 09:51:08 CET 2009

sachindra wrote:
> Dear friend,
> Can i pull the CPU ,Memory and Temperature of Mapiu switch and router 
> from the MRTG .  I have the OID value of the all the router/switch .
> If it is possible ,how to do it.
> Regards,
> Sachindra
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You can poll any thing provided you have the required Targets.

Target[$rtr]: $oid_1&$oid_2:$string@$host

replace $rtr with the name, $oid_1 and $oid_2 with the oids , $string
with the comm-string and $host with the hostname


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