[mrtg] routers2 help needed ...

Hazell Derek dhazell at aap.com.au
Mon Feb 2 00:53:40 CET 2009

At my workplace, we have a (Windows-based) mrtg server that uses mrtg
for data collection, data storage, and graphing - needless to say the
machine is busy! but otherwise it works very well. I am trying to build
a box where mrtg handles the the data collection, rrdtool handles the
data storage, and routers2 handles the reporting/graphing.

I am having problems getting the routers2.cgi component working
properly. The mrtg component is working properly and I can see the .rrd
data files being stored in the subdirectory for each target (so I assume
the rrdtool component is working okay as well). Additionally if I use
14all.cgi, then 14all.cgi can see these .rrd files and generate graphs
from that data so this crosschecks that the .rrd data is okay.. However
I am confused about routers2. When I use routers2.cgi instead of
14all.cgi I get completely different data. 14all.cgi returns graphs of
ports while routers2 returns a framed version of my mrtg home page. I
expected routers2 to return graphs as well so I must be doing something
wrong. Can you guide me in the right direction thanks 


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