[mrtg] MIB query (re HP/Nortel Blade switches )...

Scott Ocken scott at infobunker.com
Mon Feb 2 16:37:01 CET 2009

For the Nortel 8600 switch you want to use --ifdesc=alias in cfgmaker.
Alias seems to work for most Nortel switches.  In the past I hacked in  
an alias2 for the 4500 series, but after upgrading MRTG I lost that,  
and I don't think it was needed after that anyway.

Hope that helps with the Nortel Switches.  Let me know if you have any  
other Nortel switch issues as that is the only switch we use here.


Quoting "Mersberger, Robert" <robert.mersberger at goldenliving.com>:

> I will be watching this post because I am in the same situation.  I   
> did some research some time ago but final settled on what I could   
> get.   I would also like better descriptions for the interfaces but   
> I can work with what HP/Nortel provide.
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> Possibly, on the Nortel switch, the port descriptions are stored in   
> a different vendor-specific area (cisco do this, but cfgmaker has   
> specific support for the cisco description).  In this case, you'd   
> need to write your own interface template to extract and use them.
> Another possibility is that a weird auth rule on the switch is   
> blanking out this specific community from viewing the specified   
> OIDs, but this is less likely.
> Steve
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> By the way, regarding my query about the HP/Nortel blade switches I   
> should have mentioned, when I run snmpwalk against the HP blade   
> switch, that the snmpwalk response is missing the description data,   
> while a similar snmpwalk query against a cisco switch does return   
> the port description data.
> So it seems to me that I must do something to the blade switch to   
> make the description data accessible. It also seems to me that I   
> might need to also do something to the mrtg server to make it return  
>  this description data. Appreciate any guidance.
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