[mrtg] MIB query (re HP/Nortel Blade switches )...

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Tue Feb 3 00:53:56 CET 2009

If you can find out which OID the real port description actually appears in
for a given interface number, then it should be a fairly simple procedure to
create a short interface template for cfgmaker to obtain and use this - I'm
happy to code this if someone can give me the relevant OID information.
Since the normal cfgmaker doesn't work, it can't be in ifName or
ifDescription, or in the Cisco portName either.  I have a copy of the
4500-series Nortel MIB set, but I don't know which is the OID containing
your description.





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Hi Scott

I tried the ifdesc-alias option within cfgmaker, but it made little or no
difference - the Description field in the cfgmaker output still comes up



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