[mrtg] Little problem running MRTG after installing MRTG on Windows 2003 server

EdwinM_II edwin.martinez.ii at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 02:23:10 CET 2009

Greetings Elpostos!

I, too, just finished an install on a Win2K server.

It's a little disturbing to hear that wperl.exe is NOT in your process list
because it is wperl.exe that was configured to be invoked when we set up
MRTG as a service. Have you checked the Win2K logs to see if any error
messages were listed showing wperl.exe shutting down unexpectedly?

That also assumed that you used the "--logging <filename|eventlog>" command
line option when you invoked mrtg. If not, then consider doing so and either
creating a file for message logging or pointing the mrtg messages to the
server Event Log, and then you might capture some info that can give you
some insight on what is crashing the wperl executable.

Of course, since wperl.exe is the really what you are interested in, then
you need some way to duplicate a redirect of STDERR on a *nix box to some
Win2K equivalent. Unfortunately, I am not well-versed enough with the Win2K
command line to say for sure if this is correct, but your command line that
is being executed as a service should be something like this:

     c:\mrtg\bin> wperl mrtg --logging eventlog mrtg.cfg > mrtg.log.txt 2>&1

If I got it right, you are:
    1) invoking wperl.exe with mrtg as the "main" Perl script being run
    2) logging the output of the mrtg script to the server Event Log
    3) invoking your desired mrtg.cfg file to collect your desired stats
-- this is where it gets interesting
    4) redirecting any output of the wperl.exe to a logfile named
"c:\mrtg\bin\mrtg.log.txt, and
    5) redirecting any errors generated by wperl.exe to the same file --

This should give you some insight on why wperl.exe is crashing/exiting.

Since you apparently have your mrtg.cfg file setup correctly to have MRTG
running as a daemon, I would stop the MRTG service and run the command
listed above from the Start > Run > command entry in the Start Menu and look
for the mrtg.log.txt file after the next crash of MRTG.

Anyone care to point out what I may have incorrectly suggested??

Good Luck!


Elpotos wrote:
> Hi all,
> I installed MRTG on a Windows 2003 server. It works properly (CPU, Network
> and .csv graph generation) but after several hours MRTG stops working, no
> more new point on the graphs altought data are in .csv files and
> network/cpu are still running !
> (srvany.exe and wperl.exe processes are also running in task manager,
> sometimes wperl.exe is not more there but not always)
> MRTG is starting as a windows service (as automatic starting).
> The only issue to make it start graphing again is to reboot...
> If someone knows what's going on or if there are some troubles using MRTG
> on windows 2003 ?
> regards,
> elpotos

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