[mrtg] Graphs in different subdirectories.

McDonald, Dan Dan.McDonald at austinenergy.com
Tue Feb 10 13:31:36 CET 2009

On Mon, 2009-02-09 at 20:21 -0800, AustralianSummer wrote:

> Hi,
> I am just wondering what is the best way to have a subfolder for each
> device. (e.g mrtg/hostname1/ , mrtg/hostname2/ )

I do something similar, but I have two levels to keep it somewhat sane...

> I tried using the  --subdirs=format 

subdir should be singular, e.g.:
/usr/bin/cfgmaker --if-template=iosv3.iftemplate --ifref=name
--interfaces --host-template=iosv3.template --subdir=site1/HOSTNAME
--username='foo' --authkey='0x21de...' --authproto='sha'
--privkey='0xa897...' --privproto=aesfcb128

> and  'Directory[hostname1]: hostname1 '

Not [hostname1], you need the individual targets there.  E.g.:
Directory[site1-router.example.com.cpu1]: site1/site1-router.example.com

> options but cant seem to get it to work.
> and also will the above methods require making seperate .cfg files or will
> they all use the mrtg.conf file.

Either way works, but if you have so many configs that you want separate
directories, it is more scalable to create a separate config file for
every device, then have a master mrtg.cfg with Include: statements for
each one.

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