[mrtg] how to check network quality (Win XP)

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Fri Feb 13 21:46:57 CET 2009

Your first problem is to work out how you define 'connection quality'.
Your next problem is to work out how to obtain that metric from the available statistics.

If you install something like pNSclient (or NC_NET or nsclient++) on your monitored host  you can use mrtg-pnsclient to query any of the Windows perfmon counters, if these are of help.

With SNMP you can get the interface stats (such as packet drops and errors).

However it all depends on how you define the 'connection quality'.  Quality of which connections?  To which locations?  Mayge you get good connections to one place but not to others... or some applications are more sensitive to high RTT than others.

Maybe use something like mrtg-ping-probe (or even SmokePing) to get packet RTT and any packet loss statistics for the entire link to a specified remote location?

Alternatively your application itself may have some sort of statistics available.


From: mrtg-bounces at lists.oetiker.ch [mrtg-bounces at lists.oetiker.ch] On Behalf Of Ralf Prengel [ralf.prengel at comline.de]
I need some input how to diplay the network-connection-quality for some
Win XP systems.
Some applications are hanging for seconds and I ve no idea why.
So my idea is to check the network-quality with mrtg.
Configuration snmp (only local, perl and mrgt).

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