[mrtg] how to check network quality (Win XP)

Ralf Prengel ralf.prengel at comline.de
Mon Feb 16 09:30:55 CET 2009

Steve Shipway schrieb:
>> I found out that mrtg has the target option to read the content of files.
>> mrtg is configured to run every 5 minutes. So is there a way to read
>> results comming for example every minute?
> Of course, just set the MRTG interval to 1 minute (Interval:1) and recreate the database.  You'll need to poll every minute now, of course.  See the MRTG documentation...


but polling every minute would cause load on the system. So my question
is if there is a way to poll every 5 minutes but to read the input of
files updated every minute.

first idea:
the data file could store more than one dataset
second idea:
writing a new unique datafile every minute and mrtg reads all files
every 5 minutes.

Thanks for your help
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