[mrtg] Y-axis scale issue

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Jan 1 07:49:42 CET 2009

The 'm' prefix is for 'milli-percent'.
This is of course not really meaningful in this context, so you need to tell MRTG to suppress it.
With MRTG you can use the KMG[] directive to redefine the prefixes, but I dont know for sure if mrtg-rrd supports this.
With the Routers2 frontend, you use the extended option 'fixunit' to prevent unit prefixes. (routers.cgi*Options[]:fixunit).

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  If possible give me reply.I have configured mrtg-rrd on my machine for various network activities.The graphs also comming nicely. but for system load ,Y-axis scale shows as 100 m .. 200 m .. 300 m etc when system load is less than 1.what this "m" means, and system load always counted in % i don't understand this "m". really what that m indicates.

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