[mrtg] nic ordering in snmp

R Dicaire kritek at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 20:33:21 CET 2009

On Sat, Jan 10, 2009 at 9:28 AM, Niall O'Reilly <Niall.oReilly at ucd.ie> wrote:

> Interface by Name

Thanks Niall, that helps, I ran some test configs with cfgmaker to see
what the target outputs look like, and using --ifref=name I see:

Target[rdb_eth0]: #eth0:public at rdb:
SetEnv[rdb_eth0]: MRTG_INT_IP="xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" MRTG_INT_DESCR="eth0"

My question now is, the '#' in the Target line isn't a comment delimiter?

I noticed when using --ifref=ip the Target line then uses
/xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:public at rdb

Also, are the contents of [ ] critical to the resolution of interface
name when using --ifref=name?
I ask because I'm going to be editing an existing mrtg.cfg to
implement the --ifref=name changes and hope to keep existing log


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