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My apologies if i am wrong.........But the MRTG documentation mentions like this
" Note that unless you are using rrdtool you can not set Interval to less than 5 minutes. If  you are using rrdtool you can set interval in the format Interval: MM[:SS]"
So i went according to that

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Native mode MRTG can have ‘Interval:1’ to specify a 1-minute interval.  The default for MRTG is 5minutes.
If you use RRDtool as your logformat, then you can have an interval as low as 1sec with ‘Interval: 00:01’ (provided you have MRTG 2.16 or later) but of course you have to complete your polling cycle in the time interval so don’t make it too short.
Note that, although you might be collecting the data more frequently, you will need to find some way to display it yourself as the normal MRTG will only generate ‘daily’,’weekly’,’monthly’,’yearly’ graphs, which corresponds to about 1pixel per 5min.  The routers2 frontend for MRTG/RRD will also generate 6hr graphs (for people with a 1min interval).  Smaller interval swill require you to make your own arrangements.

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Is it possible to change the polling interval lower then 15 minutes? 
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