[mrtg] Am I on the right side of a link?

Martin Hugo Martin_Hugo at hboe.org
Thu Jul 30 17:26:39 CEST 2009


I am creating a MRTG box on our network (running Centos) which uses HP Procurve switches.

We run a basic hub and spoke topology with my MRTG server at the hub behind a HP 5400zl chassis.  We have 24 remote locations that connect back to the hub (5400zl) via 10MB and 50MB fiber links that are VLAN'd and come in on one GB fiber link from an AT&T cloud (into one port on the 5400zl).

I read in the docs for MRTG that I might need to reverse the "in" and "out" fields of the cfg files if I am on the wrong side of the link.

Since I cannot monitor traffic on the VLANs themselves, I am monitoring all ports on all switches (local and remote).  My port 24 on the hub 5400zl shows all the traffic coming in (all remote VLANs) and the port 26 from each of the remote site switches shows the traffic "leaving" the buildings heading for the hub.

My problem is, I don't know if I am seeing the correct values for "in" and "out" with a default setup.

So my noob question is, what is the "right" side?

Hope this makes sense, thanks for any help.

Martin T. Hugo
Network Administrator
Hilliard City Schools
614-921-7102 (Ph)
614-771-7243 (Fax)
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