[mrtg] One MRTG graph, two datasources

Stokkenes Vidar Vidar.Stokkenes at hn-ikt.no
Wed Jun 3 15:27:33 CEST 2009

Hello guys,

I'm trying to graph both temperature and humidity to the same graph by using MRTG. However, when I do it as advised in your documentation, I only see the temperature (first OID in the "& chain") and not the second one (which is humidity)

Here is my config for the particular probe:

Target[probe1]: at sensorprobe.domain.com
Title[probe1]: Soyle Generell Temp
Options[probe1]: nopercent,gauge,noinfo,nolegend,noo,growright
PageTop[probe1]: <H1>Probe 1</H1>
Ylegend[probe1]: Temperature in Celsius
LegendI[probe1]: Temperature:
ShortLegend[probe1]: 'C
MaxBytes[probe1]: 100
XSize[probe1]: 500
YSize[probe1]: 175
YTics[probe1]: 5
#Colours[probe1]: BLUE#61A7E2, BLUE#6188E2, BLUE#6268E2, BLUE#7B61E2

Why am I only seeing the first OID ( and not the second one (

Preferably I want one green filled graph for the temperature, and then a solid blue thin line for the humidity. How can I accomplish this? I've tried looking up some historical threads about this, but it didn't really help me much.

Any ideas?

Best regards,

Vidar S

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