[mrtg] WAN Router and wan IP change.

Jan Ferré Jan.Ferre at uni-c.dk
Fri Jun 19 23:49:41 CEST 2009

Hi Bill

I think you need to remove the .ok-file and you might need to recheck 
the config file. This as you can never trust interface-numbers at least 
in Cisco-routers. That seems to change from version to version.

Hope you'll succeed.


wfmaguire skrev:
> All,
>    I recently replaced a router.  I kept the config and internal ip.  I did
> change the WAN IP.  In MRTG I went through all folders and did a find (of
> the old WAN IP) and replaced it with the new IP.  Suffice to say the reason
> I am writing is because its not working.  I have 25 other routers in this
> config which is why I dont want to build a new config file.
> Any advice is greatly appreciated.
> Bill

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