[mrtg] Help with script into config file

Frank Misak Frank.Misak at mpiresearch.com
Wed Mar 25 13:51:39 CET 2009

Hi all,


I am polling some Liebert UPS units and have created a script to poll
the 3 necessary OID's then produce a total (total AMP draw) however I
cannot figure out how to make the MRTG .cfg file work.  I keep getting a
*.cfg_l file but not sure what the problem is.  Can someone assist?






OIDS=" \ \"




for IP in $IPS; do

        for OID in $OIDS; do

                OUT=`snmpwalk -v1 -c hermes $IP .$OID`

                INC=`echo $OUT |awk '{FS=":"}{print $4}'`

                TOTAL=`expr $TOTAL + $INC`




echo $TOTAL


##Here is the MRTG config file which doesn't work##

Target[mo22_lieberts]: `/usr/local/mrtg-2/bin/mo22_lieberts.sh`

MaxBytes[mo22_lieberts]: 3000

Options[mo22_lieberts]: growright, gauge, perminute, nobanner,
withzeroes, nolegend

YLegend[mo22_lieberts]: Amps

ShortLegend[mo22_lieberts]: amps

WithPeak[mo22_lieberts]: ymwd

LegendI[mo22_lieberts]: Lieberts


Title[mo22_lieberts]: Power Draw

PageTop[mo22_lieberts]: <h1>Power Draw</h1>

Colours[mo22_lieberts]: GREEN#006666,BLUE#009933,DARK


Thanks in advance!




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