[mrtg] routers.cgi option variables

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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The 'uopts' parameter is really for internal use; it specifies the current menu setting, the 'Rescale' option currently active, and may be extended with more options in the future.  As an example, 'r' and 'R' are rescale modes, and 't' is twin-menu mode.

The 'xgtype' specifies the graph type, as selectable form the side menu when in interactive mode. 'd' is daily, 'm' is monthly, and so on.  There can also be an 's' suffix for 'summary mode', a graph which has no legend and is half-width and half-datawidth.  More than one of 'd' , 'm', 'w', and 'y' can be used to specify a type where there are multiple graphs.  The d/w/m/y specifies the graph 'data width' and implies some othe roptions as well, such as how the axis are labelled.

HOWEVER, not all combinations are possible and using anything other than a single d/w/m/y with an optional 's' suffix with the 'image' mode is undefined.

The d/w/m/y are defined internally to the script, and match the default RRAs as defined in the RRD by MRTG.

Similarly, the list of valid types is defined in the script; changing this can produce unpredictable results.

You have more flexibility with modifying the xgstyle parameter (which specifies the graph height, width and relative data width, plus colour and pda modes).  If you want to halve the data width you could use a xgstyle 't' which halves the data width while keeping the same graph width.

When you are using routers2 via an image tag, it is a good idea to specify the xgstyle explicitly to be certain of the size of graph you are going to get.  The list of valid styles can be set in the routers2.conf using 'sorder' or in the routers2.cgi script at the beginning; however you cannot simply create a new style without also defining the  style description and making sure it is a valid set of options.

A good xgstyle to use for an embedded graph is 'l2' with a xgtype 'd'. (the l increases the display width, the 2 increases the display height)

For a simple popup with no legend, use xgstyle='x' xgtype='ds' (the x increases the display width, then the s shortens the display width, shortens the data width, plus hides the legend)

More details are in the forum and in the book... but this is fairly advanced use and not in the normal documentation.


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I created some specific pages using:


What are valid xgtypes?  Can these graphs be changed from 1 day to
28hrs?  Or something else?  Where are uopts, xgtype defined?


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