[mrtg] Graphing DNS queries - gauge or not??

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Mon Oct 19 22:38:49 CEST 2009

> What I am doing wrong???

If the values you are collecting are a constantly increasing count, then (assuming you want to graph queries per second) you should omit the gauge option.

However (as Sean says) your values may well be <1.0 queries per second.  You have specified the 'integer' option (you should not do this, probably) and so these are being rounded down to zero!

I would suggest you have 'Options[]:gauge,perminute,nopercent' and NOT 'integer'.  You can have growright, unknaszero, nobanner and noinfo if you want.  You should also suppress the kMG prefix, either by using the kMG[] directive or by the 'fixunit' extended option (if using Routers2/RRD).

You also do not say if you are using RRDTool or not, although it appears that you are running in Native (non-RRDTool) mode.  If you are running in Native mode (no RRDTool) then the decimal values are not supported, so you will get zeros.  You MUST use RRDTool for this to work as the numbers are too small.

The values are too small to show.
1. Use RRDTool mode
2. Remove 'integer' option
3. Use 'gauge' mode
4. Probably, use 'perminute' option.
5. Fix the units using kMG or fixunit


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