[mrtg] FW: graphing three indexed values for Amps for APC PDU

Bruce Langston Bruce.Langston at hughestelematics.com
Thu Oct 22 18:49:51 CEST 2009

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My first try at this...
I am trying to graph the current load from some APC PDUs.

The OID is and the name is rPDULoadStatusLoad. It has three values, at (for Bank B2), .2 (for Bank B1) and .3 (the sum of the two), specified by the Integer value of  rPDULoadStatusIndex.  I show this relationship with the GUI output from Getif  (www.wtcs.org/snmp4tpc/getif.htm):

Is there a way to graph these three values on the same graph?  

I tried this and lots of variations, none of which seems to work:

### PDU load status %
Target[load]:rPDULoadStatusIndex.1&rPDULoadStatusLoad:public at
Target[load]:rPDULoadStatusIndex.2&rPDULoadStatusLoad:public at
Target[load]:rPDULoadStatusIndex.3&rPDULoadStatusLoad:public at
MaxBytes[load]: 240
Title[load]: PDU LOAD
PageTop[load]: <H1>PDU Load %</H1>
Unscaled[load]: ymwd
Suppress[load]: ym
ShortLegend[load]: %
XSize[load]: 380
YSize[load]: 100
YLegend[load]: PDU Utilization
Legend1[load]: PDU Utilization in % (Load)
LegendO[load]: &nbsp;Usage
Options[load]: gauge

I get this error message:
ERROR: Line 31 (Target[load]:rPDULoadStatusIndex.2&rPDULoadStatusLoad:public at in CFG file (
contains a duplicate definition for target[load].
First definition is on line 30


Bruce Langston
New Cell: 678.982.8335
Hughes Telematics/ProSys/The Royak Group

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