[mrtg] How to monitor non SNMP Device using MRTG

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Fri Apr 23 15:23:47 CEST 2010

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> Hi folks,
> Does MRTG monitor non-SNMP Devices?
MRTG will produce a graph if you can feed it two numbers every 5 minutes.
But it is not magic ­ you need to provide those two numbers somehow.
But if you have a way to generate two numbers using perl, c, bash, python,
or whatever, you can grab them.

But, if you could do that, you could also feed rrdtool directly, and skip
the MRTG middleman.  The advantages that MRTG brings are mainly dealing with
counter roll-over detection.
> If so, how can I monitor
> 1. A computer which doesn't have any SNMP daemon running on that.
Depends on which sets of two numbers you want to collect every 5 minutes

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