[mrtg] How to monitor non SNMP Device using MRTG

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Sat Apr 24 03:16:55 CEST 2010

MRTG can graph anything; it has built-in capability to collect SNMP data, but for anything else you need a plug-in script to collect the data.

For example, we have many non-SNMP servers here, which are running one of the Nagios agents, NRPE, NSClient, or NC_Net.  These can also be remotely queried by MRTG to retrieve any Windows perfcounter, CPU and memory data, and so on.  There also exist plugins to collect performance data from BIND, Apache, and many other things (I recently wrote one to collect performance data from an Ironport mail appliance via HTTPS).

In all cases, you have to know some way to access the data remotely, even if it is not SNMP.  For example, for monitoring the telephone, it is possible your phones are all controlled by a central switchboard which has an API to allow this to be accessed (ours can do this via a complex HTTP sequence, for example).  A non-SNMP printer would be limited in what you can monitor, but maybe you can instead monitor a central queue server's statistics? You may well need to write the scripts yourself, though!

There are some more examples, and scripts, described in the book (yes, I had to get a plug in, didn't I....)


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Hi folks,
Does MRTG monitor non-SNMP Devices?
If so, how can I monitor
1) A computer which doesn't have any SNMP daemon running on that.
2) A printer which doesn't have any snmp daemon in it.
3) If I'm not crazy, I too want to monitor a telephone which is in down stairs.
Please give me a good path to work with these concerns using MRTG.

G. Ashok Kumar.
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