[mrtg] How can I invert a packet loss graph?

Rob Dover RDOVER at bclc.com
Thu Aug 19 16:05:04 CEST 2010

Thanks Steve.

Option 1 did the trick. Oddly though Option 2 didn't work.



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Since the mrtg-ping-probe plugin returns percentage loss, all you have
to do is 100-x to get percentage success.


There are two ways to do this!


1.       Target[]: 100 - `/usr/bin/mrtg-ping-probe -t 42
-p loss/loss`
This will simply store 100-x (percentage success) in the RRD.  Of course
this means you lose your history.

2.       Since you are using routers2.cgi, you also have the option to
routers2.cgi*Options[]: reverse
This will allow you to keep your history and continue to store
percentage loss, but to display MaxBytes-x.  Probably this is the best
solution for you.


Note that in both cases, you'll need to change your various labels for
the axis and legend.  Also, note that routers2 will recognise the
mrtg-ping-probe plugin and may default to displaying the data as a
floating bar, if you're graphing min/max RTT data.  If this is unwanted,
look at using the routers.cgi*GraphStyle[]:normal directive.




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I have a config that I use for measuring packet loss that I would like
to essentially invert and turn into an availability graph.

The config I have displays an outage in RED. I would like the
availability graph to display in GREEN when pings are successful. 

How would I go about this?



Target[]: `/usr/bin/mrtg-ping-probe -t 42 -p loss/loss`


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