[mrtg] Converting mebibytes

larsen007 at web.de larsen007 at web.de
Tue Dec 14 12:35:45 CET 2010


we use a Panda GateDefender Integra for which I want to monitor the  
traffic of each port (using mrtg 2.16.2-3 (Debian Lenny)).

I don´t get a response for "interfaces.ifTable.ifEntry.ifInOctets" (or the  
corresponding OID), so I have to use "".  
Unfortunately, these values are presented in mebibytes and as these grow  
slowly I don´t get a graph in MRTG.

I read about multiplying the received values but that apparently can only  
use another OID and I don´t think there will be any OID that has the  
needed number and that also doesn´t change over time.

How can I solve this problem? Will there be the possibility to use numbers  
instead of OIDs for multiplying in a future version of MRTG?


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