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You are using a fairly old version of the software -- MRTG is currently 2.16.4 and RRDTool is at 1.4.4 the last time I looked.  Routers2 is at 2.21.  The new versions have a lot more features.

There is an expscale option in MRTG for exponential scale.

You can use routers.cgi*LowerLimit[] to define where the Y axis starts if you dont want a zero-based y-axis.

Unless you use the Routers2 extended option 'rigid' the y-axis will automatically expand to fit the data.  So, you can make sure the 'unscaled' option is not set, the set routers.cgi*LowerLimit[]:69 and routers.cgi*UpperLimit[]:70 and the graph will expand to show your data in the most detail possible arount 70F.

With the latest Routers2 and RRDTool, you can even make a temperature graph display with a second axis showing the temperature in C (using ScaleShift)


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Running mrtg V2.10.15, rrdtool V1.0.49 and routers2 V2.17. I am looking for a way to make my temperature graphs expanded scale.
They are normally around 70F +/- 4 or 5 degrees and I would like the graphs to start say around 55 and go to say 85 for full scale. Even better would for them to scale automagically to +/- 10F.
I did find reference to an expscale option, but it doesn’t seem to work for me. I get an unrecognized command error.

Can this be done?

Thanks –Rob-

Rob Dover
rdover at bclc.com<mailto:rdover at bclc.com>

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