[mrtg] Preventing spikes from "wrapping" counters?

Travis Veazey travisvz at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 21:17:38 CET 2010

Using mrtg on a 64-bit Ubuntu system, logging with rrdtool; we use mrts to
view the resulting graphs. I'm using a Perl script, shorewall_stats.pl (
http://www.nightbrawler.com/code/shorewall-stats/), to query accounting
information from Shorewall and record it with mrtg.

My problem is that any time Shorewall is restarted (e.g. to load
configuration changes), the counters all get reset to 0 and mrtg appears to
assume that this means it has wrapped around, resulting in huge spikes on
our graphs. This makes them near impossible to read (to say nothing of the
false "maximum" and traffic totals now reported). Is there any way to get
mrtg to not make this assumption that a suddenly-low value means a wrapped

Strangely, this problem does not exist on an otherwise-identical 32-bit

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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