[mrtg] Object ID problem

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Mon Feb 15 21:51:55 CET 2010

It looks to me like the problem may be a limitation in the OID encoding used by MRTG (this is a really long OID).  You don't give the version of MRTG you are using so it's a bit hard to track down, but a bit of seeking shows this error is being generated by BER.pm

First make sure you have the latest MRTG and BER.pm (this comes with MRTG but make sure you don't have old versions lying about).

The error message says "cannot encode Object ID"... which seems to indicate that you have a typo in your MRTG cfg file; specifically, you have an OID starting 11.3.6 instead of 1.3.6.  This would be illegal which is what the BER.pm is checking for.  Please check your CFG files carefully to make sure you don't have an illegal OID like this anywhere, if you don't it may be cause by a bug somehow (although Im not sure how )


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This is my target line:

Target[SE-ULUS-HUAWEI-1-OnlineUsers-context-guvenlikank]: at<mailto: at>
"11" is the total number of characters of the target (here the target tecxt is "guvenlik")

But when I run the .cfg file I got this error:

Do Not close this window. Or MRTG will die
cannot encode Object ID first subid too big in Object ID at mrtg line 2202

Maybe this part cannt be more than "9". How can I write "11" in another way?


Ufuk Eskici
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