[mrtg] mrtg-traffic-sum graph?

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Sun Jan 17 22:47:33 CET 2010

> Im using mrtg to monitor my network, but i would like to know how much
> data is being transferred (mega byte, giga byte) and counting days, weeks
> just like standard mrtg.
> I can use mrtg-traffic-sum to get a email report, but it cant make a graph
> of it, how can i have a graph showing the ammount of data being
> transferred?

Here's a neat trick.  Say you have a Target defined that collects the data for your interface.  This trick will give you a Yearly graph showing the total traffic per day.

This example is for a 100Mbps interface.  Some directives omitted for brevity.

Target[xxxx]: 1:community at device
MaxBytes[xxxx]: 12500000000
Suppress[xxxx]: dwm
Factor[xxxx]: 86400
YLegend[xxxx]: Total Daily Transfer
ShortLegend[xxxx]: B
Options[xxxx]: growright bytes

We use a factor of 86400 (number of seconds in a day) to convert the daily average (which is what a Yearly graph shows) to total traffic for the day.  The Suppress[] directive makes us view only the Yearly graph, and the YLegend set the appropriate label.  The Options makes sure we view in Bytes and not bits.  This will only work for Daily totals in a Yearly graph; for other totals you'd need different Factor[]s, and for weekly totals there is no corresponding graph size.  However for Weekly and Monthly totals you might like to look at using Routers2 in conjunction with RRD Archiving.

If you are using Routers2 as your frontend you might want a few more options in there; and you will also already be seeing the total figures on daily graphs anyway.


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