[mrtg] SNMPWALK Problem for on cross-compiled mrtg (openwrt mipsbe)

Brandon Miller bmiller at radiusgateway.com
Fri Jan 22 16:31:53 CET 2010

Steve Shipway wrote:
>> I'm attempting to cross-compile mrtg for openwrt on a mipsbe processor.
> ...
>> SNMPv1_Session (remote host: "" [].161)
>> community: "public"
>> request ID: -552632565
>> PDU bufsize: 8000 bytes
>> timeout: 2s
>> retries: 5
>> backoff: 1)
>> at /usr/share/mrtg/bin/../lib/mrtg2/SNMP_util.pm line 631
>> SNMPWALK Problem for on public at
>> at ./cfgmaker line 950
> ...
>> root at OpenWrt:/usr/share/mrtg/lib/mrtg2# snmpwalk -c public -v 1
> ...
>> iso. = STRING: "router"
>> iso. = OID: iso.
>> iso. = Timeticks: (46821500) 5 days, 10:03:35.00
>> iso. = STRING: "test-box"
>> iso. = STRING: "wrtName"
>> iso. = STRING: "here"
>> iso. = INTEGER: 78
> Sounds as if the problem lies in the SNMP_util module, which is part of the MRTG installation.  I have no familiarity with your OS but it may be that this module is making some assumptions about SNMP - maybe there are permissions issues on who can listen the UDP responses, for example.
> Since snmpwalk works we know the issue is not the agent, but snmpwalk uses different code to SNMP_util.pm.
> I'd suggest you direct your investigations to this module, maybe make a small Perl script to use it to make a single SNMP lookup and see if that works?
> Steve
Thanks for the responses. I took the easy way out and decided to use a 
different monitoring tool. Found that rrd was a pre-compiled package for 
my openwrt install. Gave that a try and got it working.

Unfortunately, this project is short-fused and I don't have much time to 
troubleshoot the mrtg install...even though I got this far :) I agree, 
the problem was probably in SNMP_util.pm. I didn't get too far in 
examining that or the packet dumps that I captured. I'm also wondering 
if running the perl code on a big endian machine vs a little endian 
machine made a difference?

Thanks again

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