[mrtg] Graphing small values (disappear in the month/year graph)

Pavel Ruzicka pavouk at pavouk.org
Wed Jun 2 13:59:40 CEST 2010


you can try to enable option "WithPeak". By default weekly, monthly and yearly
graphs display only average values. With this you probably see averaged
and not-averaged values in one graph.
You can set it globally or per target.
For details check documentation:

Best regards,

Pavel Ruzicka

> I'm using MRTG to graph a state of "ON" of a certain event, and that event
> usually lasts only something like 15 to 60 minutes. Also, it happens not
> so frequently, so something like every 2-4 days.
> The script that feeds the data into MRTG just sends a "1" when the state
> is "ON", so MRTG displays a value of 1 for a period of 15 to 60 mins in
> the daily graph. When the event is "OFF", the script feeds a "0" to MRTG.
> The problem that I am encountering is that the event "disappears" after a
> while from the monthly / yearly graphs. I think this is because MRTG is
> building an average of the collected values and this average is becoming
> "smaller and smaller" for the monthly and yearly graphs over time (I can
> confirm that by looking at the logfile) and because of the small value and
> short time span results in the events disappearing completely from the
> monthly and yearly graphs.

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