[mrtg] Need help with --if-filter=f option

Volk,Gregory B greg.volk at edwardjones.com
Thu Jun 3 14:41:23 CEST 2010

Here are some examples around how I use the --if-filter option:
This command...
./cfgmaker --if-filter='$default && $if_is_ethernet' public at router
...will only build configs for ethernet (type 6,7,26,62,69,117)
This command...
./cfgmaker --if-filter='$if_type==136 || $if_type==23' public at router
...will only build configs for interfaces of type 136 (layer 3 vlan) or
type 23 (ppp).
This command...
./cfgmaker --if-filter='$default && $if_is_wan' public at router
...will build configs for WAN (type 22,30,32,39,44,46) interfaces only.
I have found that not all devices properly support the ifType values, so
you may have to do some snmpwalk'ing of the interfaces table if you're
not getting what you expect. 
For a full list of numeric ifType values, open up cfgmaker with an
editor and search for "sub IfType". That should take you to a list of
supported types.

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	We need to pole multiple routers but we require to stop few
interfaces from being polled. cfgmaker script help shows that
--if-filter=f option can be used to attain the required result. But we
need help to implement it. Please throw in your replies :)

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