[mrtg] MRTG and RRD tool - matching the look and feel.

John Cushnie john at dallambarn.freeserve.co.uk
Fri Mar 5 15:15:51 CET 2010



I am using MRTG to monitor some network adapters as follows:




I am also using RRDTool to monitor the performance of a storage disk array:




The stats come in a csv file which is then translated and loaded in to an
rrd database and then graphed, all using Perl.

I would really like to get the rrdtool graphs looking like the MRTG graphs..


The Perl I am using to create the rrdtool graphs is as follows:


   ### Day graphs       


   $sys_command = "rrdtool.exe graph " . "../wwwroot/" . $stats_type .
"_fms2_day.png " .

               "--start -1d " .

               "--end n " . 

               "--vertical-label $y_legend " .

               "DEF:r_buf=eva_as_fms2.rrd:eva_as_fms2_req:AVERAGE " .

               "DEF:m_buf=eva_as_fms2.rrd:eva_as_fms2_mbs:AVERAGE " .

               ##"COMMENT:\"\t\t\t\t\tTime of day\" " .

               "LINE1:r_buf#FF0000:\"Req\""  . " " .






Any pointer/suggestions on how I get the look and feel of the MRTG graphs

Also can I get the Max:  Average:  Current: values out of rrdtool?


Many thanks



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