[mrtg] Plot more than two graphs??

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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Having more than 2 variables on the graph with MRTG can only be done by either writing your own frontend, or using MRTG/RRD with the routers2 frontend.  Use the routers.cgi*Graph[] directive to define a userdefined combination graph over multiple Target[]s.  If you have the latest routers2 and RRDTool 1.3 or later, you can also have a second Y-axis with a differrent scale.

Plotting only a single value is simple; you can use the noo or noi options to MRTg to suppress the Outgoing or Incoming lines.  You can use this for your CPU graph.


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Hi folks,
How can I plot more than two graps using MRTG. Something like plotting the graphs of IN vs OUT and Free vs Available in the same MRTG graph.
Also, Can I plot only CPU utilization graph(only BLUE area or only GREEN area) because CPU utilization doesn't have something like in and out?

G.Ashok Kumar
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