[mrtg] Can not determine ifNumber for public at gw

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Tue Mar 16 22:44:16 CET 2010

On Wed, 2010-03-17 at 10:22 +1300, Steve Shipway wrote: 
> Removing the OK file sometimes works (if the device has had its interfaces changed recently) but in this case it seems that MRTG is not getting all the SNMP data it expects.  The .ok file shows 'Dup' for ppp0 which means it is not a unique identifier and so cannot be used.


> In your MRTG cfg file, you have a Target for the ppp0 interface.


Target[gw_ppp0]: \ppp0:public at gw:

> Try using a different method to identify the interface?

Well, I used to use interface number but with all of the dynamic
interfaces on this router, that was just very unreliable.

> Maybe because it is a ppp interface which comes and goes there are not many reliable constants.

Isn't the name "ppp0" constant and usable enough?

> Since you may have only one ppp interface,


> you might be able to use interface type.  Try '%23:community at hostname' instead (this identifies the first ppp interface).

I tried:

Target[gw_ppp0]: %23:public at gw:

which yielded:

2010-03-16 17:40:03: WARNING: Can not determine ifNumber for public at gw:         ref: 'Type'     key: '23'
2010-03-16 17:40:03: ERROR: Target[gw_ppp0][_IN_] ' $target->[10]{$mode} ' did not eval into defined data
2010-03-16 17:40:03: ERROR: Target[gw_ppp0][_OUT_] ' $target->[10]{$mode} ' did not eval into defined data

Did I specify it incorrectly?  Does something need to be escaped perhaps?


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