[mrtg] I give up, how do you make mrtg work?

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Sat Mar 20 22:17:44 CET 2010

On 3/20/10 1:46 PM, Geoff Sweet wrote:
> Ahh the light in the darkness.  That totally does the trick.  I'm reading the difference between gauge and absolute, and it actually seems like gauge what I really want to use as the documentation describes it as a "'current status' measurement" versus absolute where the value resets when it is read.  Perhaps for this particular application, it doesn't really matter.  I will play with those options a bit.

If the value your device provides is expressed as "per second", use gauge.

Note that this will not give the desired results unless the device
averages the "per second" values at about the same rate that MRTG polls.
 for example, if the per-second value is only the last one second, then
you'll miss 299/300 of the data points as MRTG polls every five minutes.
 If the device gives the per-second value averaged over the last day,
then MRTG will have a very slow response time.

If the value your device provides is expressed as "since last polled",
use absolute.

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