[mrtg] MRTG errors RATE up

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Mon Mar 22 20:41:09 CET 2010

In order to help identify your problem, it would be good to see (a) a copy of the cfg file you are running MRTG on, and (b) an exact copy of all the error message output you get when running MRTG.

>From the small amount if information you give, my only guess is that you are running MRTG in native (.log file) mode, and you have a ownership/permissions problem with the directory or files - check that the MRTG process has write permission to the directory and the .log files.

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i have added a few more interfaces to an MRTG config file, but when i re-compile it using perl i get a rate up error, I have tried doing this before and is fine, but the error is saying cannot update rate up on **.**.**.** etc.  Its very annoying, can anyone shed some light?

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