[mrtg] mrtg incorrect data when over 100MB

ve2cii at canasoft.net ve2cii at canasoft.net
Thu May 6 22:19:59 CEST 2010

   Hi Everyone,

    I am probing a cisco 3500 and a number of windows machines.  When the
traffic goes over 150MB via the 3500 to one of the machines I start getting
incorrect data from the 3500.  I thought the problem was the 3500 and was
about to replace it but then the problem occured in another 3500 as well
as one of the machines. I decreased the probe time (cron job) from 5 minutes
to 3 minutes and that fixed the problem until the traffic went over 250MB.
I am also logging the mrtg so I can send logs if need be.
   Any ideas???

sysadm  cronomagic.com
e-mail  ve2cii at canasoft.net


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